Sunday, September 6, 2009


Another Blog, what is the world coming too? I guess I have learnt to do this and hate to say it but I do like writing and publishing these things. Now for you out there seeing my bad use of grammar and spelling, remember you can comment here too.

We had a busy week last week with four guests, two fishing, I won't comment because David Sheridan will be posting a report soon. They had a great week. The weather was fantastic just enough wind to make it wonderful but not enough to effect the fishing or boating. We slept under a sheet every night so that is ideal. The September high tides are here and the full moon stunning. Leif our new dive instructor and dive manager reported that 16 tanks are in stock and eight regs with six bcd's ( Bouancy control vests for you non divers) We are planning on giving a lot of fishermen the chance to dive and see the bottom this year, with our try diving deal. The Dorey is back and has her engine installed now we are doing all the finnishing work, new seats, engine box and painting. I can't wait till we get her back in service. It was enormously popular when last we had her working, leisure trips with ladies carrying umbrellas of different color as we cruise the shore in Port Royal and the mangrove shores further down. We plan on many trips this next season, perhaps some moonlight drifts sipping chilled wine.

The white ginger are in bloom all along the creek and the evening wafts of their fragrance is wonderful. So life goes on here at Mango Creek Lodge, watch for the new web pages anouncing our destination weddings and of course the new Dive operation here. More blogs to come, love to all, Terry and Patrice.

New at MCL

Well a long quiet summer. we have had some great fishing. Both spin and fly have been great, Chuck Horner was back and got a super slam. Some great baracuda fishing on spin tackle was had and the summer boasted some really big bonefish. On the lodge front we are proceeding in adding our very own Padi dive center. Eight sets of BCs and regulators have arrived and we are expecting the delivery of our 9cfm dive compressor soon. now we need to get the word out. David and Kim Sheridan are here for the week and will be doing some work on the web site. Please watch for exciting news and stuff on that. We are offering a get aquainted dive package! You should book now because this will end Jan 1st 2010. Seven nights six days three dives per day including all food for just $750. per person double occupancy. For those that know Mango Creek that is the lowest price ever and includes the diving!

When I figure out how to add photos I will post some new shots of the cabanas. We have changed the roofing on cabana one and two and will be doing three and four soon. The new white metal roof stands out, are insulated so not noisy or hot, and the unexpected bonus is that the cabanas stay cleaner and there are less bugs arround. We were against losing the thatch look for so long but it has turned out that the metal is a huge improvement.

Cabana five and six are getting slowly underway. We have started the hardwood phase for our new family style cabanas and the wood is here drying. Carlos has started cutting the 8 x 10 logs into boards. We will make the doors and windows first and then put up the walls onto our over the water foundation that is already there. With the economy still lagging this will be a slow process. If on the other hand this recession is over then the cabanas might come faster. I'm afraid the tree houses will have to wait. It is our dream to have four tree houses and that will put us at the point where we can house over twenty people and be able to do destination weddings. That is as big as we see this place getting.

Patrice and I will be in Durango in October and some of November. John and Cindy on the sailboat Tagmoo, will be minding things while we are away. There are a lot of people out there that will come back to MCL this year, with the improving economy we hope you will book soon, we miss you guys!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1st 2009

Hi everyone this is Terry, at long last answering the question "what is happening there?"
First of all we are in the middle of this economic downturn, this has caused us to release our managers Keven and Amy from their duties. We, Patrice and Terry , are running the place. Maybe not as well maybe better who knows but economics is the driving force. So, here we be trying as best we can to get new customers and attract some of the old customers back yet again. We had a somewhat busy season but this summer has been our worst on record. That brings up our next problem. Mel our ousted President, most of us here in Honduras are glad to see him gone. He seemed to be on a one track and that was toward dictatorship with the help of Chavez in Venezuela. So he is gone , but not gone and everywhere in the world says take him back. Well NO we and the people of Honduras don't want him back. Who would have believed that President Obama would side with Chavez in anything. Oh well, life goes on here. Let me please reasure you that there is no opression and no problems on Roatan and we have seen nothing to worry us in this regard.
The big news for Mango Creek Lodge is that we are going to be an Eco, Fishing, AND Dive resort. Yes we will be offering diving here from Mango Creek. We hope to be a certified Padi Dive Center, where you can come and dive till you are completely water logged.
Our new prices for 2010 will be posted soon on the website so watch for those, and anyone wishing to avoid the small price increase over last years bargans should book soon as we will honor our last year prices for the next short while.
The fishing has been great here this summer and we had our first quad Grand Slam, yep a Super Slam of Permit, Bonefish Tarpon and Snook all on a fly all the same day. Congratulations go out to Chuck Horner of Colorado.
So that is about all I can say for now, hope this works, I am quite computer illiterate and if you ask my wife she will tell you I can't spell. I will try in the next little while to update pictures as we have had some cosmetic changes here. Hope this finds you all healthy and ready to come back down to Mango Creek because we miss you and would love to see you again. Terry

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pigeon Cay Cleanup

On February 19, 2009, four workers from the Mango Creek Lodge (of Port Royal, Roatan) initiated a cleanup project for a half day on the eastern end of the island. The aforementioned island is one of the Pigeon Cays, a group of deserted, tropical islands a few miles off the southern coast of the island. Manuel Romero, Terry Matute, Miguel Romero and Jeremy Krueger spent the afternoon cleaning the island and left with a boatload of garbage bags stuffed full of windswept, shipwrecked debris. Not neglecting the interior, the group also cleaned the small, vegetated area. Aside from the garbage bags, they had plastic crates, a bike tire, massive chunks of rope and Styrofoam that they also cleaned up. The now-pristine island is once more worthy to be called a deserted Caribbean island and able to be enjoyed by the many who sojourn the southern coast of Roatan for a glimpse of deserted beach and windswept palm trees.
A trash deposit tucked away in the brush. Caches of garbage are carried in by wind, waves, and negligent ocean vessels, and they are scattered around the Pigeon Cays.

Manuel and Terry getting started with their garbage bags.

Miguel combing the shore for beached refuse.

The garbage-free beach stretching into the afternoon sun after a day of cleanup.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Web Site and 2009 International Sportsmen’s Exposition

Mango Creek Lodge is proud to announce several new opportunities for our guests and partners to learn more about the lodge.

Our new Web site,, is now live. This iteration has been redesigned and reorganized to better meet our guests’ needs. It also includes two new features to help you stay abreast of our latest news. This blog, Mango Creek Lodge Lodge News, contains information about the daily happenings around our grounds. A companion blog, Mango Creek Lodge Fishing Reports, provides the latest information about fishing conditions and catches. We invite you to check out the new site and blog and tell us what you think.

Also this week, Mango Creek Lodge will be participating in the 2009 International Sportsmen’s Exposition in Denver, Colorado. We hope to reach out to new guests and partners at this one-of-a-kind event. If you’re attending the exposition, please drop by our booth to say hello to owners Terry and Patrice.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Roatan Thanksgiving

We were delighted to have the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with a great group of guests this year. Country Pleasures, an active fly-fishing shop in Alberta, Canada, sent a group of nine for the week, and we enjoyed their company immensely.

While the guys hit the flats, Carol Byler, the lone eco adventurer, took advantage of our snorkeling and kayaking sites to explore Port Royal and the Pigeon Cays by water. Carol was a great sport and was introduced to multitudes of new species on her several underwater excursions. Read more about the guys’ adventures on the Mango Creek Lodge fishing blog.

On Thanksgiving, we celebrated our many blessings with a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The lodge managers took the reins in the kitchen to create an American-style feast of Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and rolls. The Mango Creek Lodge cooks contributed with wonderful pumpkin and key lime pies for dessert. It was a great meal and a great way to finish this special day.

Photo of Country Pleasures guests and Mango Creek Lodge staff membersCountry Pleasures guests (back, from left) David Byler, Les Guzowski, Larry Briggs, Vincent Ircandia, Don Seaman, Darren Soice, and Mango Creek Lodge Manager Kevin Claughton; (front) Bob Shaunessy, Scott Lenover, and Mango Creek Lodge owners Patrice Heller and Terry Kyle

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

High Tides and Early Rains

If there’s only one thing you’ll remember about Mango Creek Lodge in September, it will be the tides. September always brings unusually high tides to Roatan, but this year might have been a record-breaker. The water continually lapped just below the tops of our docks, and the swift tides washed all sorts of debris in from the ocean.

Photo of Manuel standing in the sea and raking muck up on the beachManuel rakes seaweed from
the Mango Creek Lodge beach

Every few days, the grounds staff had to report to our beach for clean-up duty. They found basketballs, bottles, all varieties of plastic tidbits, tons of seaweed, and—of course—numerous shoes and sandals. It was hard (and sometimes stinky) work, so the fishing guides were happy to get a break from the hauling to take Chuck and Rod Hornor fishing. Read more about their time on the flats in our September fishing report.

Once the raking was complete and the tides finally started to recede, we turned to the decks. Mango Creek Lodge has an extensive system of docks, decks, and stairways, and it all must be treated with sealer yearly to prevent rot. This is another big job, as it is all done by hand and paintbrush. By the end of the month, it was almost all done when the rains started.

October is usually the beginning of rainy season on Roatan. However, it appears it is sneaking up early on us this year. Toward the end of the month, we had a few small showers that built in duration. It’s just a sneak peek of what’s ahead.

In September, we also made progress on some new plans for the lodge. First, we welcomed the return of Dalia, who spent the month on the mainland taking massage classes.

Photo of DaliaDalia, a Mango Creek Lodge
cook and massage therapist

Dalia worked hard to receive her certification and is looking forward to the busy season when she can put her new skills to work and treat our guests’ tired muscles.

Other upcoming developments include the construction of new lodging options. Our treehouse rooms will be built on 16-foot platforms that overlook the grounds and the sea. Their connecting walkways will make them a great option for families and groups. Groups will also look forward to the completion of our double cabana. These rooms will be similar to our existing over-the-water cabanas, but they will share a platform and space. Stay tuned for more information!

Photo of the platform for a treehousePhoto of the deck for a new over-the-water cabanaThe beginning stages of Mango Creek Lodge's
new accommodation options